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Some thoughts about studying abroad

How long it take us to know a culture while you are studying here

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Today, my friend Annika went back to home from the Halifax. After three months of adventure in this peaceful province, Monica and I said goodbye to her. And by the way, she is one of foreign correspondents too. I wish that everything will go well to her and she could have a safe and wonderful time on the airplane.

As an international student, I am pleased to be a foreign correspondent and share my knowledge about studying abroad with everyone who is following me and watching my videos.

Right now, I just want to share some thoughts about being here with you. First of all, I believe that for most of the students, they need six months to get used to the school system and have a brief idea about studying in a foreign country. They may feel much more comfortable to talk and get along with other international student at that time as they have a lot more similarities than the native student. After, they start involve in some activities and club in either school or with their host family. It takes them another year in to be actually involved in the society, or to get used to their culture. According to my experience, it’s better for students stay in a foreign country for two years to learn the culture.

If you guys have any question about studying abroad, don’t forget to comment my blog below.

See you guys next time!

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Sense about Canada and China

The differences between them

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Hi everyone, this is Christina from NSISPFC again. Nice to write another blog for my experiences in October.
There are a lot of differences between Beijing and Nova Scotia.

As you all know that Beijing is a huge city located in China, there are thousands of people living there. I am one of them who lived in that noisy place for 15 years. Nova Scotia is quite different from that. It’s quiet and peaceful. Most of them are living in a house instead of the apartment. Trees grass and small animals are surrounding the house. Besides, almost every home has some pet such as dog and cat. Everyone is friendly and nice, they may say hello to you even they don’t know who you are. That was an experience that I never had when I was in China.

Canada is an English spoken country, their second language is French. And because of that, high school also offer French class or French immersion courses. In our school, we had Biology, Global geography taught in French. Canadian don’t speak very loud in public places, but they do speak loud in parties! Canadians are energetic and have a great passion every day. Chinese language has a lot of different tone, it changes its meaning when the tone sounds different. But the gamma between Chinese and English is quite similar. So it’s not that hard for me to learn English.

Smell: I am living in the rural place in Nova Scotia. There are farms around us, so there is the smell of farm. And in Halifax, there is the smell of sea water-salty but fresh. The air smell much fresher than in China. The pollution in China is terrible, so there is nothing smell good in my perspective.

Taste: The food in Canada is totally different from China. We usually eat more vegetables in China but here, most of the people are more comfortable with meat and pasta. Nova Scotia is famous for their donuts and by the way, my host mother just made homemade donuts a week before, It tastes so good!

Feel: I am satisfied with my experience up to now. I am happy to live with my host family and talking with my friends. But I miss the food in my hometown very much. So sometimes, I will go to Halifax to eat Chinese food with my best friends.

See you guys next time!!

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My expectations and goals

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Hi, everyone

I am Christina from Beijing China. I am 17 years old and I am in Hants East Rural High. This is the third year for me to study in Nova Scotia. I really love here, and now I am going to tell you guys why I love here. There are thousands of reason that you should choose Nova Scotia for study. i will make you guys feel the same with me according to my blog.

I have been here for a month already! I have had so much fun! I have done a lot of fun things at school such as joining the Badminton Club, School Reach, and Math League. I feel very satisfied with my life in Canada. I had a lot of expectations before I arrived in Canada. First of all was having a perfect and very fun school year. I have three classes and a free block this semester. I have Biology 12, English 12, and Pre-Calculus 12.The teachers are wonderful and I love learning from them. I also joined a lot of clubs as listed above, this is the first time that I joined so many things at once! I have met a lot of students that are both international and Canadian. They are very nice and friendly. I got a lot of help from them, especially the school ambassadors. For instance, they managed to organize activities for us in order to learn and experience more things in Canadian culture. Second, I was expecting to have a great host family. I had a wonderful host family too. There are seven people in their family including me. We had a great time during family parties and outside activities.

I don’t usually set up a lot goals of small things for myself, because there won’t be any surprises happen when you are on the way of your life. So I don’t make a bucket list. Luckily, Nova Scotia offered me a lot of surprises such as Time Horton, tidal rafting, apple picking and music festival.You won't know how great it is unless you give it a try. I am hoping that I am giving you some idea about what Nova Scotia looks like and I hope that you guys are interested in what I am writing.

Have a great day guys
see you next time

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The first three days in Canada

Hey guys,
My name is Alexander Fraga and I’m from a city called Belo Horizonte in Brazil. I got to Canada on August 25th. I’ve been here for only three days and the experience has already been amazing since I got here. In these three days I’ve already done so many things and I already have so many stories to tell.
As I said, I got here three days ago so I’ll tell a little bit of each day. When I first got to Canada I went to the Foreign Correspondent Camp where were also the ESL students so I met a lot of people from a lot of different places which was really fun. In this same day we went to an Animal Exposition and an Amusement Park. That was a great first day.
In the second day we had a session on how to use instagram effectively and then we went Tidal Bore Rafting which is an amazing experience that everyone who comes to Nova Scotia should have. Tidal Bore Rafting is something that there is only in Nova Scotia because the tide here changes a lot so when the tide is coming from the ocean to the river it creates some waves and then if you raft on them you have Tidal Bore Rafting.
In the third day we had a session on video and photo production. After that we went to Victoria Park which is a beautiful place and I got the chance to see a deer in the wild. Later we went to Tim Hortons so we could try Canadian Typical Fast Food. On this same day, at night, we went Ice Skating with the ESL students.
I can’t believe that I’ve done so much in such short time. That really shows how Nova Scotia has great possibilities for you to do whatever you want to do to have fun.

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